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  1. Early Departure: Start your day early to make the most of your time in the park. Depart from Arusha or your accommodation near Manyara National Park in the morning, aiming to arrive at the park entrance shortly after it opens.

  2. Game Drive: Begin your visit with a game drive through the park's diverse habitats. Keep an eye out for elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, and other wildlife that roam the open grasslands and woodlands. Manyara is known for its tree-climbing lions, so be sure to scan the branches of acacia trees for these elusive predators.

  3. Scenic Stops: Take advantage of designated viewpoints and scenic stops along the way to appreciate the park's stunning landscapes. The views of Lake Manyara against the backdrop of the Rift Valley escarpment are particularly breathtaking.



   1. Picnic Lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the designated picnic sites within the park. Manyara offers                  several  scenic spots where you can relax and refuel amidst nature.

   2. Optional Activities: Depending on your interests and availability, consider adding optional activities to your                itinerary. Boat safaris on Lake Manyara provide a unique perspective and the opportunity to observe               hippos, crocodiles, and waterbirds up close.



    1. Continued Exploration: Resume your game drive in the afternoon, exploring different areas of the park                        and searching for any wildlife sightings you may have missed earlier in the day. Your guide will help navigate               the park's diverse terrain and maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities.

     2. Departure: As the afternoon draws to a close, begin your journey back to Arusha or your accommodation. Depart from Manyara National Park with memories of a thrilling day spent amidst East Africa's iconic wildlife and landscapes.


  1. Early Departure: Departure from Arusha or nearby accommodation in the morning.

  2. Game Drive: A guided game drive through the park's diverse habitats.

  3. Scenic Stops: Opportunities to stop at designated viewpoints and scenic spots.

  4. Picnic Lunch: Enjoying a picnic lunch at one of the park's designated picnic sites.

  5. Optional Activities: The option to add boat safaris on Lake Manyara to your itinerary.

  6. Continued Exploration: Resuming your game drive in the afternoon to explore more areas of the park.

  7. Professional Guide: A knowledgeable guide to navigate the park and maximize wildlife viewing opportunities.


  1. Transportation to/from Arusha: Transportation to and from Arusha or your accommodation near Manyara National Park.

  2. Park Entrance Fees: Fees required for entry into Manyara National Park.

  3. Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses such as souvenirs or additional snacks.

  4. Tips and Gratuities: Tips for guides, drivers, or other staff members are typically not included.

  5. Optional Activities Fees: Additional fees for optional activities like boat safaris may not be included.

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