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Here's a suggested day trip itinerary for visiting Kikuletwa Hot Springs from Moshi:


  1. Departure from Moshi: Begin your day early with a departure from Moshi to Kikuletwa Hot Springs. Most tours include transportation, either by car or minibus, to the hot springs.

  2. Scenic Drive: Enjoy the scenic drive through the Tanzanian countryside as you make your way to Kikuletwa Hot Springs. Along the way, you'll pass through picturesque villages, farmland, and semi-arid landscapes, offering glimpses of rural life in Tanzania.


1. Arrival at Kikuletwa Hot Springs: Upon arrival at Kikuletwa Hot Springs, take some time to marvel at the stunning natural beauty of the area. Admire the turquoise-blue waters of the thermal pools, surrounded by lush palm trees and vibrant foliage.

2. Swimming and Relaxation: Spend the midday hours swimming and relaxing in the warm, rejuvenating waters of the hot springs. Whether you're lounging in the shallows or diving into deeper pools, the tranquil ambiance and soothing temperature make for a refreshing experience.


1. Picnic Lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch near the hot springs, either brought from Moshi or provided by your tour operator. Find a shady spot under the palm trees or set up a blanket on the grassy banks, and savor a leisurely meal amidst the natural beauty of your surroundings.

2. Exploration and Leisure: After lunch, take some time to explore the area around Kikuletwa Hot Springs at your leisure. Stroll along the shaded pathways, take in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, or simply relax and bask in the serenity of the oasis.

Late Afternoon/Evening:


1. Return to Moshi: As the afternoon draws to a close, begin your journey back to Moshi. Reflect on your day spent at Kikuletwa Hot Springs, taking with you memories of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the natural beauty of Tanzania.

2. Arrival in Moshi: Arrive back in Moshi in the late afternoon or early evening, concluding your day trip to Kikuletwa Hot Springs.


  • Transportation from Moshi to Kikuletwa Hot Springs

  • Swimming and relaxation at the hot springs

  • Picnic lunch

  • Return transportation to Moshi


  • Meals and drinks (unless specified)

  • Personal expenses

  • Tips

  • Travel insurance

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